Who's The Ultimate FIFA22 Player?

19.October 2021 by Joseph Taylor

The Ultimate FIFA22 Player Revealed

What would happen if you took the best players in FIFA22 Ultimate Team and combined their ratings into one world-beating talent? 

This post does exactly that - and the result would absolutely terrify opposition players! Before we start, let’s explain what we’re about to do. 

As you know, every outfield player in FIFA22 gets their own football card with ratings out of 100 for Pace, Shooting, Passing, Dribbling, Defending, and Physical. 

In this post, we’ve taken the player with the best rating in each. So we can combine them into the world’s best (imaginary) footballer. Can you guess what players are involved? Some of them might surprise you.


Best Pace Rating In FIFA22

OK, so this one might not surprise you that much. The first ingredient in our Ultimate FIFA22 player is… the pace of Kyllian Mbappe!

The lightning fast Paris striker has a blistering pace rating of 97. Which puts him just ahead of Wolves’ Adama Traore and Bayern Munich’s Alphonso Davies on 96.

The fastest Centre Back on FIFA22 is Mainz 05’s Jeremiah St. Juste with a rating of 91. Which means our combined superstar should leave him for dead.

Cardsplug Football Cards

Everyone loves a pace merchant. But don’t forget, our Ultimate FIFA 22 player is a whole lot more than that. He’s also the best player in every other category as well. Let’s look at his Shooting, will we?

Best Shooting Rating In FIFA22

The next ingredient of the perfect FIFA22 player is Shooting. And this one is definitely enough to spark a debate!

In the end, Cristiano Ronaldo sneaks in with a sensational Shooting rating of 93. Which puts him in front of Lionel Messi and Robert Lewandowski on 92.

Controversial? Maybe. Lewandowski scored a massive 41 goals in 29 Bundesliga games last season. While Messi has outscored Ronaldo in 4 of the last 5 seasons. So how come the Portuguese comes out ahead?

According to EA Sports, it’s largely down to Ronaldo’s shot power. You see, all 3 players have 95 Finishing. But Ronaldo’s 94 Shot Power leaves Messi (86) and Lewandowski (90) in the dust. 

To be fair, Lewandowski is mostly let down by his long shot rating of ‘just’ 86. Which puts him a fair way behind Ronaldo (93) and Messi (94).

If Lewa scored a few more from outside the box, he’d take home the highest overall shooting. But we think he’s happy with his record as it is!

Football Card

Best Passing Rating In FIFA22

Shooting was quite a close run thing. Not to mention a big debate in waiting! On the other hand, Passing has a clear champion that most fans will agree with. Because the highest passing rating on FIFA22 goes to Man City’s Kevin De Bruyne

The Belgium star’s 93 rating puts him clear of Lionel Messi and Toni Kroos on 91. Which is probably fair enough given the Belgian’s incredible passing range.

So far, this gives us a dream player with Mbappe’s pace, Ronaldo’s shooting, and Kevin De Bruyne’s passing. Could it get any better than that?

Well, it turns out it can. Because we’re now going to add the world’s best dribbler into the mix. Can you guess who it is?

Fifa Cards

Best Dribbler In FIFA22

So far we’ve combined the skills of Mbappe, Ronaldo, and De Bruyne. Who could possibly make our dream Ultimate Team player any better? 

If you said Lionel Messi, you’re in luck. Because the Argentine GOAT is in a class of his own when it comes to Dribbling. With a rating of 95, Messi is one clear of his Paris teammate and Whatsapp buddy Neymar on 94. While our pace merchant Kyllian Mbappe takes third place with a rating of 93. 

Given his knack for a Maradona goal at the start of 2021/22, you might be surprised that Liverpool’s Mo Salah isn’t sniffing around the top spots here. At a current Dribbling stat of 90, it wouldn’t shock us if the Egyptian King gets a hefty upgrade next year.

Best Fifa Player

There’s no doubting the player we’ve made so far is a crowd pleaser. But aren’t they a bit… attacking? Fear not. The next two stats will turn our creation into the perfect all around player. Let’s start with Defending.

Best Defending Rating In FIFA22

He’s a centre-back, he’s a number 4. Watch him defend, and we watch him score. He’ll pass the ball, calm as you like. He’s Virgil Van Dijk, he’s Virgil Van Dijk. 

That’s how the Liverpool song goes. And it’s also how it goes for the defensive side of our Ultimate FIFA22 player. 

The Netherlands defender missed most of last season with a nasty knee injury. But that didn’t stop him picking up a Defending rating of 91 in FIFA22, the best in the game.

Van Dijk is two points clear of Giorgio Chiellini and Marquinhos on 89. Largely thanks to the Dutchman’s superior strength and tackling stats.

Cristiano Ronaldo Card

Best Physical Rating In FIFA22

Now all we have to do is add some game-changing physicality to the mix. Because the other stats are based on more visible skills, it was quite easy to guess the contenders. But Physicality? That’s a lot harder to pin down.

At first we thought this guy might have a chance:

Best Physical Rating Football Cardsplug

But boy were we wrong. Wolve’s Adama Traore might look more like a rugby player than a footballer, but that’s only enough for a Physical rating of 81 in FIFA22. Which is tiny in comparison to the leading lights in this area.

With a PHY score of 90, the clear winner is Real Madrid’s Brazilian centre-mid Casemiro. Who becomes the final ingredient of our perfect FIFA 22 Ultimate Team player. 

Madrid’s serial Champions League winner is one point clear of Inter Milan’s Denzel Dumfries and Atletico’s Geofrey Kondogbia on 89. If you guessed any of those three, you deserve a prize!

So There We Have It...

The perfect FIFA22 Ultimate Team player has: 

  • Kyllian Mbappe’s pace rating
  • Cristiano Ronaldo’s shooting rating
  • Kevin De Bruyne’s passing rating
  • Leo Messi’s dribbling rating
  • Virgil Van Dijk’s defensive rating
  • Casemiros’s physical rating

  • What. A. Beast. 

  • Here’s what the best combined Ultimate Team card on FIFA22 would look like:

    Ultimate Fifa Card

    That’s a pretty awesome player right there. And while you might not be able to mash 6 players together in real life, you can make your own football card!
    Head to our fun card builder now and give yourself any stats you like.