6 Valentine Gift Ideas For Football Fans

14.January 2022 by Calum Walker

6 Valentine Gift Ideas For Football Fans

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, its time to try and figure out what to get your football loving partner for the big day.

It can be hard to pin down the perfect gift. But if your other half loves football, this list of ideas should help you get there!


A Stadium Tour

A stadium tour is a brilliant football gift on so many levels.

First of all, your partner will love the chance to get to see the behind the scenes of their favourite club. Usually with fun interactive experiences and the opportunity to relive some of the greatest moments in your club’s history.

Even better, your partner will love the fact that you are learning about the club they're so crazy about. Which makes this a great day out as a couple. You can also combine it with a meal or drinks out, if you like.


Tickets To A Game

Our next big-ticket item (get it?) is tickets to see your other half’s favourite team. Any fan will tell you that there’s no better way to support your team than seeing them in the flesh. So this one's a guaranteed winner.

If budget isn't a problem, you could even go for hospitality tickets. These usually get you better seats, plus food and drinks at the stadium. Sounds pretty good to me!


A Vintage Football Shirt

Vintage shirts are football tops from the 80s, 90s and early 2000s. So if your partner has supported their team for ages, it could make a brilliant nostalgic gift.

If you aren't sure where to start, our friends at Headlock Vintage have a really good collection of authentic shirts. That isn't an affiliate link, we just like them and think they have a great range!

This gift definitely has the 'surprise factor'. So get ready for an amazing reaction when they unwrap it. 



A Celebrity Cameo

A fun thing for your partner could be a message from a football legend from the website cameo.

If you haven't seen Cameo before, it's basically a service that lets you get a video message from famous people. And when it comes to football, there are a few really good options.

These include ex-players like Michael Owen and Michael Le Tissier. As well as the amazing Geordie commentator Ray Hudson (search him on YouTube).

If you can find someone your partner likes, this could be a hilarious gift! 


A Mystery Football Shirt

Is your partner always walking around in a different football shirt? This could be an exciting option (albeit a bit of a gamble).

The idea here is that you get a completely random football shirt in a box. It could be from any country, any league, but it will definitely be a surprise.

If your partner loves football shirts, they'll probably love this. Just cross your fingers that they don't pull out a rival team's shirt. Or a top they already have in their collection!


A Pair of Goalkeeper Gloves...

Warning: This idea is seriously cheesy. But if your partner is a keeper... what better way to show them?!

If I'm honest, I completely stole this idea from Twitter - and it seems like a pretty expensive joke. But if my other ideas weren't good enough, you can always resort to this one.

It'll probably be good enough for a loving eye-roll and a laugh. If you're lucky...



I hope these ideas are enough to get the ball rolling. Have a great Valentines Day, and be sure to let us know how your gift went down!